About RentSmart

RentSmart is an online course that covers the following:

  • Tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Landlord responsibilities and expectations
  • Figure out your wants and needs in home and what you can afford
  • Let’s talk about money – Budgeting and planning for housing affordability and stability
  • Effective communication — how to communicate with landlords and neighbours, and more
  • Maintenance do’s and don’ts – whose is responsible for what
  • Crisis management, safety, pest, and fire
  • And much more!

Upon completion of the RentSmart course,  renters earn the RentSmart Certificate of Completion. RentSmart Certificate is recognized by a growing number of landlords.

RentSmart Certificate of Completion.  Let landlords know you’ve taken a course to learn how to be a good tenant – Be RentSmart!  

RentSmart will help you understand and prioritize your needs and wants in housing and help you gain confidence to find a home that best suits your needs and skills to support its ongoing affordability.


Through RentSmart you can become an empowered tenant. Understand your rights and responsibilities, develop skills to communicate effectively with landlords, neighbours and roommates and others, design a budget for housing affordability, and learn ways to look after your home every day and during crisis.

Additional benefits in taking RentSmart can include the reduction of unplanned moving costs due to preventable evictions and damages, and setting up tenancy correctly to support a returned damage deposit.